Home Management

Juniper Bloom currently offers a specialty service to clients who travel and/or have multiple homes they frequent throughout the year.  If you need someone to check on your home and work on organizing projects while you’re away, Juniper Bloom can help! Below is a subset of services we can provide for you and your home:

  • Set appointments for home repairs and maintenance. A Juniper Bloom organizer will meet vendors at the client’s home the day of scheduled repair and ensure work is completed. 
  • Keep an inventory of client’s home and restock things as needed.
  • Make sure the client’s home stays neat and organized. This is a good time for the client’s assigned organizer to work on home organization projects while they are away.
  • General landscape upkeep. This could include pulling weeds, deadheading flowers/shrubs, pruning, etc. (this would not include mowing or large tree trimming) 
  • Winterizing the home. This includes such things as; replacing window/door screens with storm windows/doors, draining water hoses so they don’t freeze, store/clean outdoor furniture and cushions, and scheduling snow removal from drive and walkways
  • Preparing your home for your arrival. This might include grocery shopping, so you have the necessities after your travels and organizing mail/newspaper

(As of right now this service is only available in the Northern VA area.  We hope to expand our service areas soon)

Home Management
Home Management